Arko Sakib

Name Arko sakib
Show Name Peoples Morning, Etihad Traveler’s Guide
Date of Birth 22nd September
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Hobbies Cricket, Music, Traveling
About Arko Life is simple. We just have to think simply. I take my life simply. Love to create new ideas. Do my duties properly. Work is something which keep me alive.
Favorite Song/ Musician Rupam Islam, Aurthohin, A.R Rahman
Favorite Foods Biriyani, White Sauce Pasta, Nasi Goreng
Favorite Movies/ Actor Transformers, Expendables, Minions, Avengers, Iron Man, X-man, Captain America
Online Line About Arko Cannot return to the past, don’t know the future, I just live in my present.
Like People with open minds.
Dislike Introvert people



Arko Sakib, Broadcaster