The Tennessee born pop Icon Justin Timberlake has come out with a yet another smashing fast beat track titled ‘Can’t stop the feeling’.  The track itself is a single, from one of the upcoming Dream Works animated films Trolls, which might just be one of the only grabbing reasons. Let’s hope the name of the movie itself does not troll out the song at the end (Laugh).

Let’s look into the lyrics, considering the song is a part of an animated children’s film. The lyrics see a fair simple usage in this regard. Which try to be catchy, yet fail to live up to the mark entirely. Being the reason, that some, of the upbeat melody contradicts, with the fast paced vocals of the lyrics. So all in all it sounds, on the pacey side. The intro is lively and interesting, intriguing the listener, to go ahead with the song. Coming to the heart of the song, the chorus should be powerful but lacks the energy which normally is expected to carry through, to the listeners.

The verses of the chorus “And under the lights when everything goes. Nowhere to hide when I’m getting you close. When we move, well, you already know. So just imagine, just imagine, just imagine” these four lines, prolong the chorus, where as in general the only prominent part of the lyrics is “dance, dance, dance”. Initially, it is the only few words that can be made out, and is used quite repeatedly.

The track has a decent structure, lying on the tad long side coming to a 4:26 minute. Which fairly said, is a stretch, considering, it’s a part of an animated film, where short tracks are preferred. Despite the cons, the track itself has gardened quite the attention and on 28th May 2016, debuted at the 1st rank on US Billboard Hot 100 and also peaked at the 2nd position on UK Singles (Official Charts Company). The song received positive reviews and has been ranked, in the charts of many different countries. Mark Romanek is the director of the music video for this song. The video of this song was premiered on 16th May 2016.

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