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techmoshow_logoSeason 1, Episode 13

Episode 13

Ron R Sumit
Executive (FIFA Department) of Esports council. Also a popular FIFA gamer in Bangladesh Gaming scene. Among his long list of achievements, he has been debuted in WCG 2010 & Champion of Qubee gaming combat 2012. Also the 4th place holder of AFGC Qualifier 2014. He won ESL (1v1) PC FIFA 16 community cup#4 Europe. He was also among the Organizers of FIFAWCG 2012 in (IUB).
Rafsan Jani Opu
A renowned face in the FIFA gaming scene of Bangladesh is on a new journey as the senior executive of Esports council. His sheer dedication towards football games has taken him beyond the boundaries of being only a gamer himself – he is now ready to contribute to shape up the scene as a whole
Sayem Gearspec
A Gamer, Programmer, Innovator studying at Independent University, Bangladesh in Computer Science & Engineering Dept. Currently working on a game development company. Very few Bangladeshi who are working on Unreal 4 Gaming Engine.

Techmoshow - Season 1, Episode 13
Air Date : 4th December, 2015


Topics to be covered :
  • Introduction to Esports Council
  • What to expect from the upcoming event.
  • Tips for the FIFA players.

E-Sports Council


About Esports Council : An open-organization for electronic sports development in Bangladesh – with an aim to promote professionalism in e-sports by hosting events and workshops for everyone.


Game Development Scenario in Bangladesh

We did a Episode on Game Development before and there was a huge response. We will talk about more Game Development where we will cover Unreal and Unity3d Engine.

Studio Techmology

A New Game Development Studio Coming with lots of new technology and new hope for the Game Development Scenario in Bangladesh which is also associate with Techmology Community. Here is a promo video for their First Game Development Team called TEAM REBOOT.