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techmoshow_logoSeason 1, Episode 14

Episode 14


Tawhid Rahman Saad, he is studding in Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). He is one of the Esports Council FIFA 16 Inter University IUB Champion


Rafsan Jani Opu – a renowned face in the FIFA gaming scene of Bangladesh is on a new journey as the senior executive of Esports council. His sheer dedication towards football games has taken him beyond the boundaries of being only a gamer himself – he is now ready to contribute to shape up the scene as a whole

Guest RJ
Arko Bhai (Techmoshow S1E1)

Md. Ashfaque Hossain (Arko) is coming as a guest RJ in our show. Along with his gaming and singing experiences  he selected his new hobby as RJ on Techmoshow.

Techmoshow - Season 1, Episode 14
Air Date : 18th December, 2015


About Esports Council :


An open-organization for electronic sports development in Bangladesh – with an aim to promote professionalism in e-sports by hosting events and workshops for everyone.

First Big Scale Competition:

E-Sports Council has finished it’s first round of FIFA Championship. They have found the winners from IUB. Next Championship journey will be start from next month.

First Bangladeshi Clan is joining to the online tournament in INDIA for COD:

Till now one Bangladeshi CLAN has been confirmed that they are joining to participate into the following COD tournament online. Best of LUCK! from Peoples Radio 91.6 FM and Techmoshow.

GAME Review:

  • The Talos Principle

  • King’s Quest

This Episode will have some interesting review for these two Indie games.