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Episode 18

Dr. Ahmed Sharif, after passing his MBBS now working as Registrar, Urology at Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital. Along with that he is a Gamer. He used to play on PC long time back. After that he moved to XBOX306 & PS3 then XBOX ONE and PS4. He is also an Admin of Techmology.
Guest RJ

Arko Ashfaque from Arko Game Shop will appear as a special Guest RJ in this show. He will give some very interesting information about gaming market.

Techmoshow - Season 1, Episode 18
Air Date : 22nd January, 2016



Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

The Park

The Resident Evil

Silent Hill 3

All Time Horror Game for Console


Monolith Productions, Day One Studios

F.E.A.R. is a unique game that takes traditional horror tropes, and places them smack dab in the middle of a modern military shooter. Unlike Doom III, the terrors in F.E.A.R. that lurk in the shadows stay there. The game’s greatest feat is the way it psychologically attacks players, with little regard for the sanity of those holding the controller. Later entries would try to capture the same zeitgeist, but only the first F.E.A.R. really manages to unhinge those playing.

Siren: Blood Curse

Project Siren

A re-imagining of the classic PlayStation franchise, Siren: Blood Curse was an episodic title that really took making players squeamish seriously. Players took the roles of several different protagonists throughout the game, and each had to overcome the challenges put forth by the zombified townsfolk created by a horrible cult decades prior. The scares were abundant, and Siren wasted little time in inducing nightmares. Munitions and supplies were limited, and trying to sneak past the manifestations occupying hospitals and small villages only added to the tension. Even talking about this game has brought on the chills.

Dead Space

Visceral Games

Survival horror for a new generation, Dead Space is the ultimate space survival horror game. As engineer Isaac Clarke, players are tasked with discovering what happened on an abandoned mining ship. There it’s learned a virus has turned all of the inhabitants into disgusting monsters with a thirst for blood. Armed with only the tools of his trade, Isaac must make the best of a bad situation. There are so many thrills and creepy parts in the game, it’s hard to narrow down Dead Space to one defining moment. That said, if there’s a dark hallway, odds are something is going to jump out at you.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly



How would you like to be trapped inside a haunted old mansion with nothing but a camera to help fend off the evil spirits inside? Yeah, we didn’t think you would. Fatal Frame II is just chock full of sheer, abject terror. Steeped in very Japanese horror style, the game is eerie as hell, with tons of disturbing imagery and enemies. Fatal Frame II forces you to confront the terrors in front of you by waiting until the last possible second to snap a spirit’s photograph. Doing so will damage the ghosts, but at the same time, it will also diminish your will power. There’s only so many times you’ll be willing to stand idly by while demons come hurtling at you at top speed.

Silent Hill 2


Two words: Pyramid Head. Literally nothing else needs to be said about this fright fest. None of the other games on the list have a giant monster with a giant sword lurking about, waiting to cleave you in twain. Silent Hill 2 is also full of some really messed up psychological horror, but seriously, it all comes down to Pyramid Head. He’s just too terrifying to not make this the number one Scariest Console Game Ever.

All time Horror Games for Mobile

Everyone likes a good scare, which is why doing a 5 scariest games list was so much fun to put together. Except when I started jumping in public playing some of these games on my mobile.



Fallen EP-1

7th Sense s.r.l.

If you like Resident Evil type games then Fallen EP-1 (there was never an EP-2, sadly) is right up your alley. Try and escape a prison overrun with gangs and disgusting creatures. Solve puzzles and bash a monster’s face in while you’re at it. And try not to jump when you walk to a new screen and a monster pops out at you.



Kydos Studio

Remember when the iPhone first came out and they had those games where you tilt the phone to get a marble through a labyrinth? Imagine that with Soul. Only you’re trying to get the soul of a dead man to heaven. This entry in our 10 scariest games list has you guiding a poor man’s soul past crazy obstacles as you test your gyroscoping skills. The haunting music and random “Holy crap!” scares will keep you glued to your screen for a long time. That’s if sheer frustration from not being able to pass a level doesn’t make you throw your phone out the window first.


Prisoner 84

Gaz West

Alright, so you’re a crazy nutball stuck in a prison. The worst part of it isn’t the fact that you’re a crazy nutball stuck in a prison, it’s that the other prisoners are all out to kill you. And they always seem to pop up from out of nowhere to scare the pants off of you. Prisoner 84 is one of those games most people seem to have missed, but it’s one they should be playing if they like a good scare.


Resident Evil 4


One of the best chapters in the Resident Evil series made its way to the iPhone, and it maintains the same scares and shocks that were present in the console version of the game. It also includes one of the ugliest end boss monsters we’ve ever seen. Get ready to blow away some crazed villagers in this exciting portable scare-fest.


Dead Space

Electronic Arts, Inc.

Dead Space made me jump when I played it on my console, so stupid me, I put on my headphones, turned off the lights and played the mobile version. Yep, still made me jump. With its awesome graphics and fun scare points, you won’t mind jumping either when some stupid creature pops up and tries dismembering you. Just don’t jump as many times as I did. It’s kind of embarrassing.