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techmoshow_logoSeason 1, Episode 2

Episode 2


This time our  guest for this Metal Gear Solid Special Episode will be Mohammad Mosabbir Ul Haque. He is one of the youngest admin of Metal Gear Solid Community Metal Gear Solid : Outer Heaven. He Studied at Scholastica.He will share his experiences about his gaming life and share the interesting story about Metal Gear Solid.

Techmoshow - Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date : 4th September, 2015


Latest Game Review

Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain

(1st September’ 2015)


Upcoming Game Review

Release Date: September 15, 2015
  • Destiny: The Taken Kin
  • Forza Motorsport 6

New Gaming Gadget

Xbox One Elite

Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One console bundle that includes a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive and the Xbox One Elite Controller.

As detailed on Xbox Wire, the Xbox One Elite Bundle promises to provide gamers with an optimized gaming experience. In fact, the new hard drive will enable the console to boot up out of energy-saving mode up to 20 percent faster.



  • Play like a pro with the Xbox One Elite Bundle which includes: a 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Xbox One Console, an Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, an AC Power Cable, and an HDMI Cable
  • Double your storage for games, including Xbox 360 titles, with the all-new 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive
  • Get to the action 20% faster from energy-saving mode
  • Fire faster with Hair Trigger Locks and swap thumbsticks, D-pads, and paddles with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
  • Quickly switch between your games, live TV, and apps like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and HBO GO

The bundle will launch worldwide this November and retail for $500 USD. However, in the United States, the Elite Bundle will only be available through GameStop and Microsoft (pre-order here) during the month of November.

Lunar White


On top of that, Microsoft pulled back the curtain on a new white controller, which will be sold exclusively at GameStop this September. It’s called the “Lunar White” controller and will retail for $65 USD.