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techmoshow_logoSeason 1, Episode 4

Episode 4


Rafsan “RVxOpu” Jani will be our FIFA Special Episode Guest. He Studied at North South University. Team leader of the “Team FIFA” of RVGaming – who has been leading the pack since 2012, achieving continuous success both within the country and abroad. Among his long list of achievements, he has been a podium placer both in WCG BD 2009 and 2010 and also the campion of AFGC Qualifier 2014.

He is also a FIFA player in PC, XBOX360, PS3 platform.

Guest RJ

Arko Ashfaque from Arko Game Shop will appear as a special Guest RJ in this show. He will give some very interesting information for potential buyer of FIFA 16

Techmoshow – Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date : 18th September, 2015


FIFA 16 Game Review

TAG LINE : “Play Beautiful”

(September 22, 2015)

FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition
  • 40 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (delivered one a week for 40 consecutive weeks)
  • Five (5) match FUT Loan Player items of Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero, and Thibaut Courtois
  • Two (2) brand new EA SPORTS Football Club Celebrations – The “KO” and the “Bailando Robot”
FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition
  • 40 FIFA Ultimate Team Premium Gold Packs (delivered two per week for 20 consecutive weeks
  • A Five (5) match FUT Loan Player item of Lionel Messi
  • Two (2) brand new EA SPORTS Football Club Celebrations – The “KO” and the “Bailando Robot”
FIFA 16 Standard Edition
  • 15 FIFA Ultimate Team Gold Packs (delivered one a week for 15 consecutive weeks)
  • Up to two (2) brand new EA SPORTS Football Club Celebrations – The “KO” or the “Bailando Robot”*
    • *Celebration availability varies by retailer. Check local retailers for specific Standard Edition celebration offers

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team™ (FUT)

FIFA Features

For the first time in the series, FIFA 16 will include female footballers, with 12 women’s national teams: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.

The game contains 78 stadiums, including 50 real-world venues.

Game Features
  • Defensive swing steps
  • Reactive AI marking
  • Escapable slide tackles
  • Logical interceptions
  • No-touch dribbling
  • Angled crosses
  • Wrapping a foot around the ball
  • Contextual training

New Gadget

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone ‘Project Valley’ Set For January Release

Your next smartphone may fold in half like a notebook. Samsung is expected to release a new touchscreen smartphone with a foldable plastic display, according to a series of reports from rumor blogs. The company has promised to have functional foldable devices in 2016, and the latest rumors suggest that its first foldable smartphone could be released as early as January 2016.