The Canadian Rapper is sounding it large with music from around the world. Despite being a home boy himself. His musical outreach spans continents!

Yes my fellow viewers, you know who I am referring to, Drake is back yet again, with a stunner out of nowhere. Breaking record after record! And for the first time, Topping out Billboard US Top100 at NO.1 with none other than his single  “  One Dance “ featuring the guest vocals of Nigerian Afrobeat artist Wizkid and British singer Kyla. One dance is Drake’s first single as a lead artist. My my, we have to say, this is up for a show down with Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t stop the feeling ‘.

“One Dance” is drakes lead single from his fourth studio album ‘Views ‘(2016). Not only is the track smashing views, of charts everywhere. It’s resulting in crossing the album, nearly the half billion mark in streams. The wow factor, it is holding the spot for the consecutive third week on Billboard Top 200 albums chart.

The soft melody in the beginning, in conjunction with soft keys of the keyboard really complement the tunes that forms. The listener is persisted, to rest the head back and transcend in a world of complete serenity. The composition of “One Dance” is in the keys of B♭ minor and has a tempo of 98 beats per minute. The opening verses “ Grips on your waist | Front way, back way| you know that I don’t play Streets not safe| But I never run away Even when I’m away “ with much horror, we have to say, we had a moment of complete disbelieve. Is this Justin Bieber’s post pubescent voice or what. As hilarious as it sounds, it’s worth noticing.

Drakes, voice sounds clear and crisp. But more like a, out of tune Robot. The song over all is catchy, within the perspective of a memorable tune. Duration of 2:12 minutes is on the shorter end. Considering the popularity the song has gardened, it’s irrelevant for the music lovers. No matter what you call it. After listening to the song, it just brings that little hope of happiness, like a friend consoling.

One of the best, brief yet soothing tracks, 2016 has to offer.

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