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Hello Gamers!!

This is a very special segments for Peoples Radio 91.6 FM. Here we will talk about Latest Games and Games! There will be three Segments of the program initially.

  1. Latest Game Review and Upcoming Games
  2. Gamer Expirences
  3. New Gaming Gadgets

And of course your questions will be answer in every segments. Please give us your feedback.

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We want to hear your story and share it to the gaming community of Bangladesh.

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Season 1

Episode 20

(Air Date: 5th February’ 2016)

We will not found anyone who never played any Real-time strategy (RTS) game. This Techmoshow will be a totally RTS Special Episode with our Crazy Female Gamers

Episode 19

(Air Date: 29th January’ 2016)

Everybody loved to play FPS (First Person Shooting) Game. This Episode will be a FPS Special Episode along with Two Crazy Gamer.

Episode 18

(Air Date: 22nd January’ 2016)

Do you want to scare ? Then listen our Horror Special Techmoshow. In this Episode we will cover PC GAMES ( 1992 ~ 2010), Mobile Game and Console’s Games. We will also talk about upcoming 2016 horror games. Along with that we will have Regular Market segments.

Episode 17

(Air Date: 15th January’ 2016)

This would be a very special show for the Mobile Game Development in Bangladesh. The Developer will share their experiences for making games. And also from these Episode we will start market review for gaming consoles and hardware.

Episode 16

(Air Date: 1st January’ 2016)


We have found our Game of The Year 2015 winner.  We will talk about upcoming game of 2016.

Episode 15

(Air Date: 25th December’ 2015)

This is the last Techmoshow of this year. And we are ended up with Game of The Year 2015.  Please cast your VOTE for GOTY 2015. And in this Episode we will have again one of our Celebrity with his critics friend. And we will talk abuot all the best Games in this Year

Episode 14

(Air Date: 18th December’ 2015)

In this Episode we will talk with some champions of various tournaments of video games and their experiences.  And  some upcoming Games Review.

Episode 13

(Air Date: 4th December’ 2015)

In this Episode e-sports council will talk about their upcoming initiative for gaming community & professionalism in e-sports by hosting events and workshops for everyone.


Episode 12

(Air Date: 27th November’ 2015)



This Episode will have two parts. In One Part we will talk about COMICON 2015 and in other part we will talk about the collectoz. We will also talk about two upcoming games Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six Siege.


Episode 11

(Air Date: 20th November’ 2015)


In Episode we will talk about some interesting business about gaming community. The Creator of ART WAR will come as a guest and tell us about his success in the business. Stay Tuned on Peoples Radio 91.6 FM

Episode 10

(Air Date: 13th November’ 2015)


May the Force be with you with slogan this Techmoshow will be aired on this Friday. This would be a very interesting Episode as there will be a Star Wars Fan who will give a brief story about games as well as the movies. And there will be a Very Special Guest Darth Vader himself. So stay tune with Peoples Radio 91.6 FM

Episode 9

(Air Date: 6th November’ 2015)



This Techmoshow will be a celebrity techmoshow. One of the very young actor and director will come but not as a actor but as a hardcore gamer. and our another guest is a game developer in Bangladesh. Among very few who are working on latest Unreal 4 Engine in Bangladesh


In this Episode we will talk about 2 games which are coming next week. Tomb Radio and Fallout 4 both are very anticipated game in this year. Not the least Another Guest will be here as a XBOX Fanboy to talk about Tomb Raider which is coming  exclusive in Xbox ONE and XBOX 360 in this year.

Episode 8

(Air Date: 30th October’ 2015)



This will be another the biggest Techmoshow with two games and 3 Guests. Once again Red Viperz Gaming is coming to rock you. Our another guest is a very special well known COD Player in Bangladesh COD Gaming Community.


In this Episode we will talk about upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops III and Need for Speed 2015. Our Guests will tell you about their expectation from the game and of course some new things that you really don’t know.

Episode 7

(Air Date: 23th October’ 2015)



This will be the biggest Techmoshow till now. 2 Games and 3 Guests. HALO 5 and WWE 2k16 would be the topic of this episode. We will talk about the HALO Stores Game-play and experiences.


We will have a very exclusive talk show and fun for WWE Lover where we will told you about upcoming WWE 2k16 Games and the old titles as well.

Episode 6

(Air Date: 16th October’ 2015)



This will be very Special Episode for Assassin Creed just before releasing Assassin Creed Syndicate. We will talk bout all the AC Series from Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad to Jacob Frye and Evie Frye

Episode 5

(Air Date: 9th October’ 2015)


This will be a Uncharted Special Episode before A Thief’s End. Few days back Sony has released UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection specially for PS4. A very brief review will be discuss about this and upcoming Uncharted game.

Episode 4

(Air Date: 18th September’ 2015)

This Episode will be a FIFA 16 special Edition before EID. Rafsan Jani Opu is coming as a Guest Speaker for this show. And another special guest appearance will come as a Guest RJ Arko Ashfaque from Arko Game Shop. This show will reveal something that you might not know.

Episode 3

(Air Date: 11th September’ 2015)

This time Techmoshow is coming with very special segments called e-sports with the help of the gaming community Яed Viperz™.

Shafiee who won NFS:Prostreet in WCG BD back in 2008 and represented Bangladesh in WCG Grand Finale Cologne, Germany  and Fahim who won gold in Cyber Athletics 2011 and had regular top finishes in the racing games scene era is coming to our show as a guest.

Episode 2

(Air Date: 4th September’ 2015)

This will be our Episode 2. A very special Episode for Metal Gear Solid. This time our guest will be Mohammad Mosabbir Ul Haque. He is one of the youngest admin of Metal Gear Solid Community Metal Gear Solid : Outer Heaven.

In our Gadget Section this time we will talk about new Xbox One Elite Console.

You can ask your question here. We will try to answer your questions. Techmoshow will be hosted by Ehsan from Techmology.

Episode 1

(Air Date: 28th August’ 2015)

This was be our first TechmoShow. Md. Ashfaque Hossain (Arko) is coming as a guest in our show. Famous for his AGS (Arko’s Game Shop). He is one of the dedicated game lover to the gaming community. He is the first person who has started the Next Gen game rental shop in Bangladesh which open the door to the gamer to play latest game in cheap rate.

You can ask your question here. We will try to answer your questions. Techmoshow will be hosted by Ehsan from Techmology.